MAP Workshop

June 5th-6th 2020

Panyaden International School, Chiang Mai

฿5,000 per participant
(includes resources, snacks and lunch)

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June 5th 2020

Session 1
Applying Reports: Essential Reports for Teachers


Essential Question: How can data from MAP Growth be used to support and enhance teaching and learning in our school?

Learning Targets:
• Overview of the key elements of MAP Growth
• Employ metrics to influence instruction
• Access, interpret and begin to apply status data (from Class Report, Class Breakdown Reports and ASG Projection and Summary Reports).
• Access, interpret, and begin to apply growth and progress data (from ASG Projection and Summary Reports and Student Profile).

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Session 2
Applying Reports: Student Goal Setting and Growth


Essential Question: How can data from MAP Growth enhance understanding of the needs of groups and individual students?

Learning Targets:
• Use MAP Growth data and resources to develop academic learning goals
Accurately communicate assessment results to stakeholders

June 6th 2020

Session 3
Informing Instruction: Differentiated Instruction and Instructional Ladders


Essential Question: How can MAP Growth data and resources be used to focus and plan instruction for individuals, small groups and classes within their Zone of Proximal Development?

Learning Targets:
• Define differentiated instruction with an emphasis on readiness
• Identify ways to use MAP Growth data and resources to target learner needs
• Synthesize assessment data, content and resources to create responsive lesson plans
• Consolidate our understandings of MAP Reports and use the resources available through NWEA and other sources to enhance our lesson planning and differentiation

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End of the workshop

Lee Koran
Professional Learning Consultant

Lee Koran is recognized as an educational leader focused on student centered learning, assessment and data based decision making. His educational experiences commenced in Canada (30 years) and continued in overseas international schools in Lebanon, Myanmar and Japan (7 years). Lee has worked as a Teacher, Principal, Curriculum Coordinator, Director of Academics and Head of School in schools K to 12. He has implemented the development of two magnet schools; one focused on technology integration and the other, a Fine Arts focus school. He has earned Provincial Certification as instructional leader in Mathematics and has facilitated in numerous workshops and conferences.
Lee has been a MAP user through all of his international education roles. He has had the pleasure of introducing MAP testing as k-12 Director of Academics at the International School of Myanmar, an AP school, and as Head of School at the IB Canadian International School, Tokyo. He has also extended the use of MAP as a k-12 Curriculum Coordinator at the American Community IB School in Beirut, Lebanon. These experiences, as well as his roles as principal, in Canada have given him a significant understanding of curriculum and assessment and developed his skills in the successful implementation of MAP on both client-based and web-based platforms. With such an extensive background Lee is well suited to support improving student learning at numerous levels and from numerous perspectives.
Lee is an advocate of inquiry based learning as well as ensuring accountability to our stakeholders through sound assessment practices. As an educational community we all must understand that assessment plays a significant role in improving student learning. As such educators need to work with parents on improving our understanding of all of our roles and how we can support each other to improve student learning.
Lee has a Bachelor of Education k-12 from the University of Alberta with a focus on Mathematics and Science. He earned his Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Administration from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. He is married to Carol Koran, an international educational administrator and speaker on brain based instruction and the links between neuro-science and teaching. They have two adult children, both living and working in Canada.

Panyaden International School is delighted to be working alongside NWEA® to provide a two-day workshop suitable for administrators, teacher-leaders and teachers. Whether you are just getting started with the MAP assessments or creating goal-focused plans using your school’s data, this NWEA® workshop is right for you. This workshop is designed to help gain insights into every student’s learning needs, helping teachers to target instruction and administrators to make well-informed system-wide decisions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique school.

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