Loving-Kindness Interventions

February 20th 2020 

Creative Arts Room,
Panyaden International School, Chiang Mai

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February 20th, 2020

Loving-Kindness Interventions
Workshop for Parents


Cultivate loving-kindness within yourself to enable you to communicate and create a more connected home life.

Kru CJ  Kru Anthony  Kru Aae

Parents with children of all ages are welcome.

The Friends of Panyaden would like to introduce a new parent-workshop. We will be exploring basic theory on brain-body states, and practicing ways to increase self-awareness, empathize with our children, communicate feelings of safety, and embrace conflict as a teaching opportunity. Learn, practice, and experience this in our workshop designed with love in mind{fulness}.

For further information, please contact Kru Anthony at or scan the QR code to register.