Amelia Monk for HandtoPaw

Fundraising £500
March 2020
Everest Base Camp, Nepal

HandtoPaw Animal Volunteers,
Chiangmai, Thailand

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March 2020

Fundraising £500
HandtoPaw Animal Volunteers, Chiangmai

"Sawadee ka, I’m Amelia Monk, Year 4 student. I’m climbing Everest Base Camp, Nepal, to help raise £500 for HandtoPaw, Animal Volunteers, Chiangmai, Thailand. I love and care about animals and would like to support our local charity HandtoPaw and encourage others to take on challenges to support other non-profit organisations as well. With each step I take we can help animals by giving funds to HandtoPaw."

"My journey will take me from Chiangmai to Bangkok then straight to Kathmandu where I will begin trekking in March to reach Everest Base Camp, 5365m above sea level. I have been training consistently and diligently with #sati and #samadhi so that my climb to Everest Base Camp will be with mindfulness and safety."
Please visit my JustGiving page to follow my progress or donate at the register button above.


All of us at Panyaden are rooting for you with every step that you make the journey to Everest Base Camp. You are an inspiration to all of us and to Thailand, together we will help you reach your goal for HandtoPaw.

HandtoPaw is made up of a small group of animal-loving, service-oriented volunteers and students who believe that temples are an integral part of their community and the dogs that reside within those grounds are a community responsibility. With love and care, we hope to provide these homeless street dogs a secure and healthy environment in which to live.

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